Nevada Crest Farms is Disrupting the CBD Industry

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / April 16, 2021 / In a new and evolving cannabis and cannabidiol industry, Nevada Crest Farms is second to none in quality and principle. They are the only licensed hydroponic operation in Nevada, and they have earned that distinction through believing that there is “success in the details.” From farm to wholesaler or customer, every step is ordered and carefully crafted, and quality is always consistent.

“We are the leaders in the hemp and CBD business,” says Heather Wilson, the company’s founder. “To stay there, we have worked hard for our customers, maintained our principles, and had a burning desire to remain the best. At Nevada Crest Farms, our values drive everything we do, and it shows in the satisfaction of customers who buy our cloned plants for wholesale sourcing, hemp flowers for smoking, pre-rolled joints, and vape cartridges, among other things.”

At Nevada Crest Farms, only the very best quality of crop and product is grown and sold. It operates using “white glove” farming practices, and the employees enjoy cultivating the plants. “In our 100,000 square feet of CEA-controlled hydroponics and greenhouse facilities and in the fertile fields of our 160-acre, white-glove farm, you’ll find our dedicated team tending every plant in every row by hand,” says Heather. The company’s crops are hand-cloned for high yield and high quality flowers. This hard work is maintained year after year because all employees value the product and Nevada Crest Farms’ mission.

Mixing agriculture and pharmaceuticals is no easy feat, but with over thirty-five years of collective experience, the team at Nevada Crest Farms has made it possible to succeed. They operating only with plants that are single origin, science optimized, organically grown, and sustainably raised.

With its own state-of-the-art cloning facilities located in Nevada and Illinois, Nevada Crest Farms is able to produce artisanal clones with consistently premium quality. As Heather explains, “When growing hemp commercially for CBD, you want to ensure consistent phytochemical composition, efficient growth, and predictable yields. Clones present the perfect solution – when chosen wisely. Choose clones cut from mother plants that are proven to be feminized, disease-free, CBD-rich, and THC-compliant.” No GMOs, pesticides, or herbicides are ever used, and everything is done by hand and is naturally different from other growers.

This dedication to a quality product has led to cannabis that has won awards for Nevada Crest Farms. “We are recognized for our efforts because we use proven genetics that help us achieve premium, consistent, high-yielding harvests,” says Heather. “We have seven strains and six harvests a year, enabling wholesalers to meet the increasing demand for top-shelf, high-CBD hemp and full spectrum biomass. Also, our rigorously-tested, small-batch CBD finally provides discerning resellers, private label clients, and top-selling brands the source they’ve been waiting for.”

This revolutionary shift in the cannabis industry and the way modern agriculture is conducted has resulted in a company that provides a quality product for its customers. “From our employees to our farm to our product, we provide our clients with superior CBD and cannabis,” says Heather. “Visit our website and get started on seeing why we are trusted by vendors and individuals alike.”

About Nevada Crest Farms’ Founder:
Heather J. Wilson is dedicated to producing the highest quality and most effective CBD and cannabidiol products. She decided to use her background in nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and eastern medicine to found Nevada Crest Farms because as a second-generation health professional, she understood the enormous therapeutic potential of CBD to alleviate chronic pain, inflammation, stress, and anxiety as well as its potential to change the face of modern agriculture. She wanted to strengthen the hemp and CBD industry because she knew the possibilities and opportunities that these products had for health. Because the sources for hemp and CBD were inadequate at the time, she decided to become the source. Now with Nevada Crest Farms, Heather provides what she believes is the standard for CBD products.

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Heather J. Wilson

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