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Date: 2013-09-11
Technology News:
Company News:
Content Insider #299 - NSA Just Needs New Job
NSA Just Needs a Better Name, New Service Offerings
The NSA (National Security Agency) isn't good enough to be that bad. You try to hire 10,000 +/- highly trained cyber trackers. About as easy as hiring 10,000 airport security folks. So don't wring your hands over how much they know about you. It could be worse. They could know what they're doing. They just need a better name, a better charter for existance, a better pitch. We came up with the solution to all the complaining. When it is done, they'll be your BFF (Best Friend Forever).

Content Insider # 298 - Fast, Cheap Storage
Bigger, Faster, Cheaper Flash in Demand But Cold?
The flash memory summit - solid state storage - was about more than the elegant, fast, key component of any mobile device you have. Despite it's extra cost, social media and search sites have to use lots of it to keep you from clicking away. Of course then there is all that business storage. For the "drudge" work nothing beats the price/capacity of a good rack of hard drives. Of course there is always the concern about whether all that digital stuff will be available for future generations. Right now nothing is hotter, sexier, more fun than super flash memory. Keep creating because you're funding the storage industry...big time!

Eight Steps to Resume Success
Even in the Internet age, success on the job hunt still depends heavily on an old-school document: the resume. Trends such as video and infographic resumes may come and go, but the standard version remains essential for most positions, including those in the creative and digital space.

Protecting Cloud Data
Q&A with Spanning Cloud Apps Jeff Erramouspe
Cloud solutions are flexible, cost effective and easy to implement and use. Their innocuous imagery can lull IT professionals into a false sense of security. It is easy for users, either on their own or by collaborating with others, to accidentally delete critical data from their cloud application. Having the option to restore critical data with backup is the only way to protect people from costly disruption. One day of lost work can mean three to five days of lost productivity. When data is deleted or corrupted, people risk losing more than time. The result can be a lost customer, employee confidence or even lost revenue.

Content Insider #297 - Subscriptions
In the Cloud, Software Goes Back to its Beginning
If you read your software user agreement you never really bought it, you bought a license to use their stuff. It's the way it has always been for the big and medium iron folks. Now that we've been adding apps to all of our devices faster than you can imagine the software folks thought it was time to take another look at the pay-as-you-go model. Sometimes you just can't keep a good idea down. Who knows you might be able to get it free along with an ad now and then. They're making it tempting and very hard to disconnect from the cloud. Best of all you'll always know you're working with the latest upgrade and that's a very good thing!


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