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Date: 2013-07-29
Technology News:
Company News:
Records Management
Boosting EMR Productivity with Optical Preservation
The rush for healthcare institutions to move their organizations to an all digital environment is overwhelming when institutions include social media and patient records. The move has brought a whole new set of opportunities and challenges for institution management. Not the least of them being the ability to quickly access a specific's patients records but also the very real concern about preserving the records not just a few years but 10s of years without having to constantly refresh (migrate) them from one medium to another.

Cloud Storage
Dramatic Changes Needed to Control Growing Cloud Costs
Storing in the cloud just gets cheaper and cheaper for the corporate IT department but the actual cost pales if the content can't be recovered in a reasonable amount of time...if at all. Then there are the costs to the cloud service organization...and to our environment. As they say...priceless!!! There is stark difference between what most organizations do today...archive or kick the can (problem) down the road and preservation... true preservation. Store it once forget it for 30-50-100 years and when you want it's there.

Don't Call Us, We'll Call You?
Google Bets We're Ready To Listen
Computers autonomously trade stocks, manage the power grid, control air traffic, watch for terrorist activity, and perform myriad other functions that require tremendous coordination. To do this, they initiate conversations with each other, across networks of networks, day in and day out... but when it comes to interactions with us, we have historically preferred to be the ones to start things off. Google believes we're ready for that to change.

Nokia unveils new smartphone with 41-megapixel camera
US-NOKIA-SMARTPHONE:Nokia unveils new smartphone with 41-megapixel camera
By Sinead Carew

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Nokia on Thursday introduced a new smartphone, the Lumia 1020, with a powerful 41-megapixel camera as it tries to catch up with rivals Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and Apple Inc.

The Finnish mobile phone maker is betting its future i...


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