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Date: 2012-08-10
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Content Insider #241 - Instant Whatever
Staying in Touch Is Great...Except When It's Not
In the movie Gladiator the son who killed Ceasar promoted 100+ days of games. We weren't able to handle two weeks and we had the world of social media to entertain us. Maybe that's the problem...overload! We know more than we need to know about...everyone! But it was really the Twitslympics. We're just not sure which Twits medaled ?

Emergency Preparedness for Large Events
Do you have an emergency preparedness plan in place to protect your business and employees from the disruptions that may occur due to a large event? The upcoming Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, like all large events, will attract large gatherings of attendees and increases the corresponding odds of a dangerous occurrence. Communication may be difficult and transportation may be next to impossible - therefore, having a well-constructed crisis management plan is imperative to responding to and managing incidents that occur under these conditions.

App Distribution: Crowding Begets Curating
As the selection of iOS and Android apps grows, it becomes tougher for consumers and business users to find apps that might interest them. That challenge is driving curation: mini stores catering to select interests.

Developers: Microsoft Wants You
As it readies Windows Phone 8, Microsoft needs to attract developers to the platform. Heres why it may have an edge in the enterprise space.

5 Keys for Moving Enterprise Security to the Cloud


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