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Date: 2012-07-30
Technology News:
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Security Awareness - Once is Never Enough
Without an ongoing systematic and proactive user awareness programme, a strong security posture is in jeopardy. There is no cure for stupidity or genuine human error, but you can educate your workforce to help them make the right decisions and avoid unnecessary mistakes. What are you doing to make sure your workforce is security aware?

Creating Brand Advocacy Using Social Media
"Nearly 80% of consumers trust recommendations from family, friends, and "influential" persons over all other forms of advertising and marketing." (Keller Fay) Word-of-mouth can strengthen the relationship between consumers and a brand. A great way to build strong consumer advocacy for your brand is through social media. Following are four (4) ways to create lasting consumer support for your brand through social media

Is Windows Phone Worth It?
FourBros Studio is bullish about Windows Phone 7 following the success of its Taptitude game, which has been driving $1,400 per day in ad revenue. Should WP skeptics reconsider the platform?

Content Insider 238 - The Fine Line
Being a Technology Leader Means Staying Focused on the Goal
Innovation has got to be one of the most used, overused words in the 21st century. No one simply produces a new, better product...they innovated, changed the entire industry. They totally reshaped your universe while you were asleep last evening. Innovation doesn't necessarily mean a new product/solution that will turn the earth on its ear. It's a new, better way of looking at what you're using, doing in a totally different way. Sometimes - ok lots of times - you look at what Apple, Samsung have done and you say "big deal." But it's the elegance of what they achieved that you can use immediately and it feels as though you've always done it that way...that's true innovation at its best.

Understanding Business Intelligence and Your Bottom Line
How Much BI Is Just Right for your Business?
The term "Business Intelligence" and its acronym "BI" are so pervasive in today's data-intensive lexicon that it's a challenge to know just what to make of it. If you add in all the new trendy terminology such as business process management (BPM), data mining, data warehousing, business process automation, decision support systems, query and reporting systems, enterprise performance management, executive information systems


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