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Date: 2012-07-11
Technology News:
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Enterprise Log Managers
An Unsexy, But Vital, Tool
Some ELMs come with standard rule sets that can accelerate implementation. Recognising efforts to refine rule sets to reflect your organisation's corporate policies will drive the migration from focused manual intervention to true problem management. In this manner, not only will ELM implementers see a reduction in time spent resolving incidents, but their responsiveness will be seen as more proactive than reactive. As a result, these shops should see a reduction in incident management costs. And of course, when implemented correctly, security issues will reduce overall and compliance abilities will improve.

Content Insider 236 - Green Boomers
Today's Boomers - Contributing, Savvy, Buying
Your grandparents probably retired at a respectable age, maybe your parents did as well. But while today's boomers may be looking at retirement it's in the long, distant future. There are a lot of reasons including feeling more youthful and a retirement fund that is upside-down. In addition, companies are anxious to hang onto their most valuable resource - the accumulated experience and expertise. Today's boomers not only focus on staying mentally, physically fit they also focus on staying abreast of and mastering our increasingly diverse, complex personal, home technologies. Seems like they won't go quietly or gently...

Help for Clearing the Online App Store Submission Hurdle
Getting your app into online app stores can be difficult. Fortunately, you can easily clear the hurdles with a few tips and workarounds.

Living Safely in the Cloud
Here's what it means to live life 'in the cloud,' taking advantage of all this newer technology has to offer.

How to Win: Lessons From FarmVille`s Founder
Mark Pincus knows how to win -- and learn from losing. Here??s what you can learn from him to succeed in your career.


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