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Date: 2012-06-20
Technology News:
Company News:
Apple Cooks up DIY iOS Apps
A recent Apple patent application could flatten the iOS learning curve to the point that even novices can crank out apps. Here, three developers weigh in on how the proposed tool could affect the iOS ecosystem.

How to Design a Retail App
The hurdles of creating a retail app are unlike many other spaces. Try these tips from SmartHawk and take your retail app beyond brochureware.

Content Insider 233 Social Media Mix
Social Media Is About More than Scrounging for Ad, Publicity ROI
We know folks who swear social media was developed so that they could run their ads, their publicity in your social network of friends/family. Sorta like their coming to your party, handing out sales brochures and waiting at the door to collect your orders. But a few firms are finding that social media can actually change and improve their complete business model. It can bring all of the parties - suppliers, internal staff, channel partners, customers closer together. It's called social business and will turn everything inside out...for the better for everyone. It's way beyond you, your friends, your family, getting together online. And it will be a whole lot different from most of the social marketing we see today. It'll be an improvement just difficult for people who like control, authority.

Augmented Reality: Expanding the User Experience
An increasingly sophisticated set of augmented reality apps are headed for smartphones and tablets.

Respect the Device. Respect the User.
Just because all smartphones have GPS doesn`t mean your app should be banging away on it every moment. Yet many do, and some users are complaining about sloppy designs hitting them in the battery, wallet or both. Here, a veteran developer helps you avoid


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