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Date: 2012-05-31
Technology News:
Company News:
App Developer Competitions: Worth It?
Mobile app makers who are eager to showcase new ideas can take advantage of an expanding outlet for their creativity: developer competitions. Competitions may take the form of online developer challenges or in-person hackathons that engage individuals or teams in 24-hour (or longer) coding sessions. Events may be sponsored by technology vendors, software companies, industry organizations or even government agencies. For the winners, a competition can offer cash and the opportunity to further refine an app.

Content Insider 230 - Social Playground
Social Media Sometimes Goes Beyond Being Social
Social media is a lot like a school playground, swing set, sandbox. There are always kids who want to come in, see how cool/great it is and want to take it over as their own. Maybe that's why so many brands, communications folks have been beaten up. They're great at staking out territory and pitching their ideas. Having folks talk back to them, at them is not something the slow learners really understand, want to hear. Liking or unliking or totally hating companies/products was just an after thought so...tread lightly, listen, learn or else!

Is Near Field Communication a Near-term Opportunity?
Near Field Communication, or NFC, is an ultra-short-range wireless technology designed to facilitate tasks that range from making cashless payments to unlocking doors. With NFC-enabled mobile phones now commercially available, it`s time for developers to

10 Easy Ways to Wear Citrus
Orange, tangerine, lemon and lime: Theyre the new hues of summer. Heres how to pull off just the right squeeze of juicy color.

The Genesis of Privileged Identity
The Creation and Evolution of The Superuser
As time goes on, things change in the world of IT and, again, most people don't understand the implications. Add new appliances, switches, routers and software and new root accounts pop up. Blend that in with new super-user accounts for things like intrusion detection devices, antivirus systems or DLP and you get a whole new layer of privileges added to the environment. People don't really think about it, they simply interact with it at the user level and the environment continues to evolve and morph.


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