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Date: 2012-05-25
Technology News:
Company News:
Is Near Field Communication a Near-term Opportunity?
Near Field Communication, or NFC, is an ultra-short-range wireless technology designed to facilitate tasks that range from making cashless payments to unlocking doors. With NFC-enabled mobile phones now commercially available, it`s time for developers to

10 Easy Ways to Wear Citrus
Orange, tangerine, lemon and lime: Theyre the new hues of summer. Heres how to pull off just the right squeeze of juicy color.

The Genesis of Privileged Identity
The Creation and Evolution of The Superuser
As time goes on, things change in the world of IT and, again, most people don't understand the implications. Add new appliances, switches, routers and software and new root accounts pop up. Blend that in with new super-user accounts for things like intrusion detection devices, antivirus systems or DLP and you get a whole new layer of privileges added to the environment. People don't really think about it, they simply interact with it at the user level and the environment continues to evolve and morph.

Content Insider 228 - NAB Wrap
Content Anywhere, Anytime Needs to be Monetized, Saved
NAB is the second most popular event for us to attend because we like to see how prehistoric our years in TV were compared to today and it's like light years. This year we're way beyond pushing stuff to the tube. The content people are sending stuff to everything. We know that's not a brilliant observation but what literally blows us away is how the industry is now able to do it so precisely to your mobile device, in the right format, even at the right time and BAM!!! With the right ads around it that are of most interest to you. It is so elegant. Oh sure they're not exactly certain what your threshold of pain will be for the volume of ads but they're working on that. Oh and NAB was cloudy too. We're going to have to revisit this again...shortly but for now...

Which OS Should You Target?
The good news is that a majority of mobile users own a smartphone. The bad news? They`re using a half-dozen different operating systems. Here, a veteran analyst explains what to consider.


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