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Date: 2012-04-26
Technology News:
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Taming Android UI Fragmentation
Android is the worlds most widely used mobile OS because so many smartphones and tablets use it. But the downside to such wide vendor support is a hodge-podge of display resolutions and sizes. For developers, mitigating that fragmentation goes a long way

A Single Development Tool for Multiple OSs?
Android, iOS, Windows phone: The list of mobile OS`s keeps growing. Fortunately, there`s also a growing selection of tools that help developers easily create a version of their apps for each mobile OS. Are these tools really that effective, or are there t

Bank robbery 2.0: online banking in the sights
There are very few technologies that have affected our everyday lives as much as the Internet. It has changed the way we communicate in many ways and has revolutionized business processes. Online banking has been growing in popularity for years, and more and more people appreciate the benefits it offers. But, just as with any other service that involves large sums of money, criminals attempt to make off with as much of the loot as possible. In the Internet age, bank robbers no longer need cutting torches to get to customers' money.

Privileged Access Lifecycle Management
Banks, insurance companies, and other institutions are faced with the monumental task of managing authorization to mission-critical systems. These organizations have large numbers of internal and external users accessing an increasing number of applications, with each user requiring a different level of security and control requirements. In addition, these organizations must also address identity management concerns that arise from compliance issues related to regulations like SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, and PCI DSS.

X-Gap: Using Strategic Planning to Close the Project Execution "Gap"
Teams and organizations are constantly plagued by project execution errors and failures. These failures create an execution gap -- a gap between what an individual and/or team plans to do and what they actually do instead. Just as retention rapidly degrades after learning, so does project execution after strategic planning. So what can be done?


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