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Date: 2012-03-20
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Threat Intelligence: What to Share?
Year after year, I hear the same refrain in information security: "We need to share more data about security threats." IT is a fast-moving field-ideas arise, reach prototype, and go to market quicker than it takes for the average clinical trial to be cleared; yet this one concept within information security - that defense requires greater visibility than can be obtained from any single network and to have a fighting chance we should reciprocally distribute data on the attacks and attackers we identify, remains an unresolved debate. Those in favor of sharing information show that although they've had some limited success, the process has been difficult to build out and integrate, and the results are mixed due to insufficient data. More data sharing seems like an excellent idea, but they can only conjecture what the curve on the return on investment is for it at higher levels.

What Lies Beneath the Sea: Shooting in Stereo 3D
The challenges of using the latest stereoscopic 3D technology to film a 30-mile dive off the California coast.

Is ParalleX This Years Model?
ParalleX execution model and HPX implementation aim to harness the potential of high-end machines.

New Programming Languages to Watch
Should you be keeping an eye out for new programming languages, such as Fantom, F# and Dart?

Top 4 IT Trends to Master in 2012
Avecto believes organisations that get their Windows migrations wrong, could suffer the consequences for many years to come
Last year saw some of the biggest security breaches to date, and some large organisations feeling the heat. Anonymous and LulzSec made their presence known, taking on a large number targets. RSA suffered a massive breach, inadvertently putting the security of its many customers in jeopardy. The Sony Playstation Network had to be shut down following a breach. Even Apple cracked under an attack from malware writers.


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