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Date: 2012-01-31
Technology News:
Company News:
Remote Testing: the Achilles Heel of Cloud Services
How can a cloud service provider assure quality delivery of services?
Cloud services provide a new and promising opportunity for Enterprises to address the growing complexity of Information Technology (IT). The availability of smartphones and the expectation of immediate and simple access to both private and company specific information on a global basis are driving demand for centralization of IT services and the related competence required to support these effectively. Cloud service providers have established the necessary competence and IT infrastructure to deliver on these demands, but there is one potential Achilles heel that can present a challenge; assuring cloud service quality and performance.

Crystal Ball: Whats the Future of Mobile?
Futurist Brian David Johnson talks about what he expects from human-computer technology over the next two decades.

McAfees Edward Metcalf Shares Hybrid Rootkit-thwarting Strategy
More than 1,200 new rootkits are detected each day. Here`s how security experts combine hardware and software techniques for a new layer of protection.

Your mobile can do more than call the emergency services
SecurEnvoy walks you through a business continuity plan - so you're ready for anything
If something happened, tomorrow, do you know exactly what you need to do to get the workforce back up and running? Chances are, if your building were destroyed tonight, you've got a disaster recovery plan that would swing into action and insurance to cover the costs in the meantime. But what if it was a power outage that meant you'd be down for a few hours? Or perhaps a chemical leak that prevented access to the physical office? Or even the more predictable, yet often 'big' surprise, snowfall during the winter months - or early spring! When smaller occurrences happen to disrupt the smooth running of your firm, can you afford for it to grind to a halt?


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