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Date: 2012-01-16
Technology News:
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Organizational Gravity: Three Steps to Foster Continuous Improvement, Defy Obsolescence and Take Flight
Whether it's the culture, the hierarchy, the bureaucracy or the processes, organizational gravity seems to grow ever stronger as an organization matures. Sure, organizational gravity keeps the organization grounded and focused. It may also contribute to a passion for continuous improvement at a very tactical, discreet level. But, it also narrows that focus at the expense of innovation and adaptability, two of the most critical abilities of successful organizations. So how do we defy organizational gravity?

Visual Computing: Redefining the Interactive Experience
The Science and Technology Center for Visual Computing, a collaboration between U.S. universities, seeks to push visual computing into the future with lifelike computer graphics, natural user interfaces and realistic virtual humans.

Will a Mobile OS Update Break Your Apps?
When mobile operating system vendors update their platforms, third-party apps sometimes stop working. Here`s why -- and how to prevent your app from being the next one that breaks.

The Case for Policy-based Power Management
Policy-based power management helps companies decrease power usage and increase cost efficiency. Read on for a detailed look at how it can help your enterprise`s data center.

The Future of Networking on 10 Gigabit Ethernet
For years, 10GbE has represented the future of networking and the foundation of cloud environments. Well, the future is now. Here`s what you need to know about 10GbE.


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