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Date: 2011-12-20
Technology News:
Company News:
Whats Ahead for Functional Languages?
If you`re a developer looking for alternatives, find out whether Scala, F# and Clojure are viable options.

Security Issues for Multicore Processors
Multicore processers are increasingly common in everything from PCs to smartphones -- and increasingly attractive to hackers. Cambridge University researcher Robert Watson explains the threats and how enterprises can mitigate them.

Content Insider # 208 - Stuff, Storage
Content ... Big, Beautiful, Ready to Sail
You know the environmentalist tale about a butterfly in the rain forest affecting.. Same is true of overwatering in Thailand affecting PC manufacturers, users around the globe. The Big 3 HD folks are slowly bouncing back (give em 3 quarters) but it made lots of folks think even harder about systems with solid state memory (SSDs). We all knew they were faster, lighter, cooler running, easier on batteries. Now the new Win ultrabooks and Mac Air are looking even better because what the heck you don't need all that big storage to take with you and the prices are looking pretty darn good. For the rest of your stuff...use the cloud. Us? We "need" the storage so you go right ahead and leave us behind.

Inside the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University
Whether youre an aspiring game developer or a career digital artist, a look inside the distinguished Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University will show you what technology is out there and whats on the horizon.

Yes or No on NoSQL?
The rise of multiple NoSQL database technologies has database gurus scratching their heads about the suitability of NoSQL solutions for enterprise.


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