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Date: 2011-12-06
Technology News:
Company News:
Content Insider #207 - Socially Yours
Social Media Isn't About Winning ... It's More Important Than That
Now that all the social media companies are either public or getting ready to go public we can tell you the media was formed to help folks sell stuff, make money! Yes we've heard some social media experts say it isn't about money but gee it's sorta, kinda important. Sure there's more like better, faster customer service, customer support. But that's just to: a) keep the product/service sold and b) make the customer happy so he/she will suggest friends, neighbors, others also buy the product/service.

The Green Attitude
Small Companies Can Make a Big Difference in Tomorrow
Delivering quality PC/CE products to customers and U.S.-based support shouldn't take priority over "little" things like selling power back to the utility, giving employees refreshing water without plastic bottle waste, reducing garbage/trash pick-up to once every 10 months. The only size that matters is management's commitment.

Signage Solutions
Capturing Eyeballs, Mindshare in a Distracted World
Creative marketing, content providers are tieing digital signage/messages into mobile marketing efforts to double their sales opportunities.

The Cloud: A Security Solution for Small Business
The cloud makes disaster-recovery planning far easier for small businesses. Heres why.

Blizzard Entertainment Returns to Sanctuary With Diablo III
John Gaudiosi talks to the lead designer of Diablo III, Josh Mosqueira, about Blizzard`s highly anticipated hack-and-slash game, the increased difficulty and -- most importantly -- the loot!


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