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Date: 2011-10-17
Technology News:
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Content Insider #200 - Tomorrow's Screens
It's Not About the Personal Device, It's About the Personal Content
People are climbing all over each other to get a "new" smartphone. Folks can't get enough of using their iPad/tablet. Wife loves her Kindle ereader. We can't wait for the new Ultrabooks. Big screen TV sales are...flat. What's wrong with this picture? Some folks say the phones/tablets are killing the PC...wrong. Computers are changing. So are our many screens. Soon the computer will just be wherever you are. The screen? Same. Your content/stuff? Ditto. Privacy? Oh yeah, how's that workin for you??

Energy Savings in the Cloud
Emerging metrics can help managers realize the cloud`s promise of lower power consumption.

Gamer Gear
A quick and simple gaming setup for under $2,500.

Plain Writing Act: Kiss Your Tech Jargon Goodbye
The government now requires IT to communicate in easily understood language. Are you following the rules?

How to Manage Tech Support in Todays Chaotic Climate
Tech support is trickier now than ever. Our expert shows you how to optimize your IT operations.


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