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Date: 2011-09-06
Technology News:
Company News:
The Role of Google+ in Business
Facebook evolved from a tool for students to a platform for businesses. Will Google Plus do the same?

Was Biz Stone Wrong to Leave Twitter?
The skills you need to get a startup going arent necessarily what it takes to run a mature business, explains our expert blogger.

Maxing out Multicore
Multicore`s concept is simple: Increase the number of cores to increase performance. But as University of Wisconsin Professor Mark Hill explains, Amdahl`s Law is essential to understanding why coding is key to maximizing multicore performance.

4 Collaboration Tools to Transform Your Projects
Forget Google Docs: These brilliant cloud collaboration tools will take your teamwork to the next level -- most of them for free!

Why Is Parallel Programming So Hard
Is parallel programming as hard as it sounds, or does it just require a fresh mindset and access to the right tools?


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