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Date: 2011-08-30
Technology News:
Company News:
Steve Jobs: 5 Secrets of Success
Thirty-five years after creating Apple, Steve Jobs has stepped down. Heres what you can learn from the mastermind who changed the face of technology.

The Next Disruptive Technologies Are
Our expert blogger predicts.

Content Insider #193 - Black Hats, DefCon
Cyberworld ...Guess We'll Have to Get Secure with Insecurity
Every time you turn around there's a new report about someone losing a bunch of folks personal data or hackers defacing your stuff or a new, better online bait-and-switch. Cybercriminals are making impressive gains. Just wish the security industry could keep up.

From Social Brand to Social Business
In response to the social customer and the growing criticism from the masses, organizations today are now aggressively hiring community managers and social strategists, allocating budgets to social media, hiring social media agencies, integrating social media into other areas of paid media and doing their best at community engagement. They are doing everything a "good" social brand should be doing.

Thought Leaders: Greg Kasavin
What`s next for digital art and development? DIG talks to Greg Kasavin, former executive editor at and now creative director at Supergiant Games, about the shape of the industry and the future of video games as art.


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