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Date: 2011-08-22
Technology News:
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Content Insider # 192 - Swimming in Data
The Challenge is Staying Afloat in a Rising Sea of Data
Getting the feeling you just can't keep up with the information, ideas, data, images that are coming at you on your screen every day? It's true...suddenly we're way past petabytes of data. It's so yesterday! If only our minds could grab it, file it in appropriate areas and bring it back just as we need it. Maybe someday when singularity becomes an everyday thing - look it up in Wikipedia and then think about tomorrow. We're becoming a world of knowledge workers so work.

Digital Signage Creative
Using Professional Digital Content Developers Just Makes Sense
Content presentation is shown, seen everywhere. Today's digital signage is the imagery professional organizations/companies use to reach their their audiences. In today's interactive, over communicated age retailers, manufacturers, institutions can't afford anything less than the highest quality content produced quickly, easily, effectively by is not a task left to amateurs when an organization's image, reputation, sales are on the line.

Announcing the Winners of DIGs Dream Development Project Contest!
Last month, DIG asked what your dream development projects were. You answered, and our judges` favorites won an Intel Core i7-2600K processor!

What Can the Cloud Do For You?
Are you using the best available cloud-based services and apps? Here`s the lowdown on how the cloud revolution can improve your connected experience.

Strike Back at SQL Injections
Structured Query Language is one of the most popular ways hackers attack enterprises. Programmer and trainer Paul Litwin tells you how to identify weaknesses before hackers do.


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