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Date: 2011-08-15
Technology News:
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Content Insider # 191 - Smart Security
BYOD Is Neat But Tough On Your Company IT Folks
Business folks are starting to sound like their kids "well everyone else is doing it." And it's true...everyone is bringing their own device - phone, laptop, tablet - but now too many people forget about the little stuff like security and privacy. Creates problems for the IT people but that's why they earn the big bucks.

Desktop Virtualization on the Verge
Desktop virtualization has been touted as the next big thing, but adoption lags the hype. Here are use cases for each type of desktop virtualization.

Nice Gesture, But What Does It Mean?
As the installed base of smartphones, tablets and digital kiosks grows, so does the need for gesture-based user interfaces. Design expert Don Norman explains why the current paradigm is frustrating for users and developers alike.

Cloud 101: Are You a PC, Mac or Cloud?
It used to be that you were either a Mac or a PC. Now you can add another category: cloud.

Why You Cant Ignore iPhone/iPad Security
Apple products no longer get a pass when it comes to security. Heres how to ensure iPhone and iPad security in your company.


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