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Date: 2011-08-05
Technology News:
Company News:
Open Source Meets Systems Management
Open-source systems management products are augmenting -- and even replacing -- legacy enterprise-class offerings from traditional old-school vendors. Analyst Bernd Harzog explains why.

Why TEM is not a commodity buy
A good TEM system can indeed tell you whether your telecoms vendor's bill is accurate. It does this by comparing the detail in the bill you receive against its own independent database of the services to which you've subscribed, and the rates at which you agreed to pay for them. In other words, you compare their invoice with the known information in your TEM inventory to get a true figure.

Content Insider 190 - Insecurity
People Make Security Exploitation Too Easy
good/bad black hatters are all in Las Vegas right now comparing tricks of the trade and hacktivities. Even though there are some seriously bad folks out there the BlackHat/Defcon events are the best place to get a really high paying job if you're any good at being sneaky. All of the major companies and governmental group is there looking for the best of the best (of the bad). Hard to believe but out of this event your computer, your tablet, your smartphone may just be a little safer...for awhile.

Could PC Gaming Be Critical to Our Nations Future? Part 2
PC gaming is bigger and more important than anyone realizes. Just take a look at the economic impact of video games, the outsourcing of education and the possibility of console gaming being an innovation dead-end.

Outsource Your Data Center
Moving your servers and storage outside the enterprise walls can have advantages that go beyond cost savings.


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