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Date: 2011-06-16
Technology News:
Company News:
Could PC Gaming Be Critical to Our Nations Future? Part 1
PC gaming is bigger and more important than anyone realizes. Just take a look at the economic impact of video games and how the gaming technology and Hollywood special-effects nexus has spurred innovation in dozens of other sectors.

Google wins big InterContinental Hotels email job
SEATTLE (Reuters) - InterContinental Hotels Group Plc is switching 25,000 of its employees and hotel managers onto an email system managed by Google Inc in place of Microsoft's Corp's Outlook.

Inbound Links for Search Engine Optimization - Do You Deserve Them?
As part of a comprehensive search engine optimization campaign, gaining inbound links to your website is critical. But what exactly does this entail, and how should you most effectively go about gaining these types of valuable links? When an arduous task presents itself, it is human nature to try to find a shortcut. Sometimes, these shortcuts work, and the quality of the end result is not sacrificed. But often, the shortcut either turns out to be a short-term fix or worse, it backfires, leaving you worse off than you were before.

Who Works at Your Dog€™s Veterinary Office?
Do you know the difference between a veterinarian, a veterinary assistant and a veterinary technician? All of these individuals, and more, may work at your local vet`s office.

Personal Assistants € for Dogs?
Manny Apolonio is a personal assistant, but you won€™t find him working with celebrities or high-profile individuals. Apolonio is parlaying his expertise with people to dogs and their often surprising, specialized needs.


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