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Date: 2010-03-29
Technology News:
Company News:
Automation is your Best Friend
Running a small business is like being chased by a pack of wild animals. Every one step you fail to take, they gain two steps on you. If you stop, you will be devoured. You must constantly be ahead of the pack and make every effort to increase your distance.

The Economic Squeeze
Today, may small businesses are caught in the middle of a situation that is governed by macroeconomics and broader market issues, and as such, there is very little control or correction they can apply to the business environment. On one hand, due to the economy, clients are not capable of absorbing higher prices and are always under pressure to reduce their costs of goods and services, which in turn puts pressure on revenues, forcing revenue to grow at a slower pace, and in the case of many companies, even flatten or decrease.

British parties imitate Obama in e-election

LONDON (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama's use of the Web on his way to the White House in 2008 has inspired British political parties to ramp up their digita

Dell's new servers designed for the cloud
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Dell Inc on Wednesday announced a new series of servers designed for large cloud computing environments.

The company said the features of its new PowerE

Nigeria rights group to appeal Facebook ruling

ABUJA (Reuters) - A Nigerian civil rights group said Wednesday it would appeal an Islamic court order to shut down its chat forums on Facebook and Twitter which cri


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