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Date: 2009-03-16
Technology News:
Company News:
The Importance of Website Conversion
Many companies make the mistake of spending money in areas where it's not necessary. Take, for example, companies pumping marketing dollars into increasing traffic on the website. It's great to get more traffic, but that is just the first step. Now you need that traffic to do something.

Nextar Q4 GPS unit
A few years ago when Global Positioning Systems were all the rage, the Magellans and the Garmins dominated the market. Today, you can find GPS systems with Navteq maps virtually everywhere at crazy cheap price points. One such GPS unit is the Nextar Q4. Powered by Navteq maps, the Q4 features a 4.3-inch touch screen color display and Text to Speech Navigation with turn by turn voice prompting.

Get Exposure - Increase Your Business Sales
Make your own video demonstration
More exposure, more money. But how to get more exposure and make it work for your business? A convictive demonstration of your product and service can be good. Statistics shows that offering your potential customers a product or service they can actually see will help create a massive increase in your sales.

PC Tools iAntivirus
Free virus protection for your Intel-based Mac
For years the Mac community has boasted that we were not susceptible to viruses, or malicious bugs of any kind. However, since the rise in popularity of the Mac OS, the recently new ability to run Windows on your Mac hardware, and the allure of "it can't be done", Mac users have become the target of new attacks. Fortunately, PC Tools has launched a new antivirus/antispyware tool, appropriately called iAntiVirus.

Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Essentials: Business Workflow
In this training video, host Brian Wood discusses how business professionals can use existing business documents such as Excel PowerPoint, images, CAD drawings and more, and convert them to PDF or combine them into a single PDF portfolio to unify that content, send the files off for review, add multimedia, 3D and more.


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