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Date: 2008-11-25
Technology News:
Company News:
Discovery Channel Turns to BIGSMACKtv to Create Awesome Spots
What is truly awesome? It's that jaw-dropping, singular element. Cue BIGSMACKtv...
As part of the Discovery Channel's effort to support its new brand positioning and tagline, "The World is Just Awesome", the cable net turned to BIGSMACKtv to conceive and execute spots that showcase the often-understated intensity of that statement.

Google Enters the Web Browser Market with Chrome - should you care?
The new Browser Wars were heating up, but now they are boiling over thanks to Google entering the market with its own Web browser dubbed "Chrome." In this article you will find out what makes Google Chrome such an exciting entry and why Microsoft should be quaking in its boots.

Introduction to Internet Searching: Google Labs
Google Help is discussed in video 2
In this video training series, host Patrick Crispen covers Google Labs, the area of what Google is working on before it unleashes it for all to use. The Google Labs page gives you a good idea of what Google is working on, what the future of some of these tools are, what might be seen in the future and what is not quite ready for prime time.

Introduction to Internet Searching: Google Preferences
Video 2 covers Google's language tools
In this video training series, host Patrick Crispen covers Google's Preferences on the Google Home page. The Preferences page enables you to change the interface language, turn on safe surf, choose the number of results that appear, and choose to open a new browser window when you click on a link in a search page.

MacSpeech Dictate: I say it here, it comes out there
Three ways for your computer to get it "WRITE"
MacSpeech Dictate version 1.2 is the latest software build that allows you to dictate directly into your Mac with impressive accuracy. So, with limited editorial, I will attempt to write this entire article using only MacSpeech Dictate, using the keyboard as little as possible. I'm speaking this right now...


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