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Date: 2008-11-03
Technology News:
Company News:
The Evolution of Online Advertising Technology
More Targeting, Less Privacy (Part Two)
Even with the cookie-type behavioral advertising technology, there was a way for users to prevent these ads from targeting them. They could set their machines not to accept any cookies at all by setting their browser security setting to high. This solved the privacy issue, although many websites would (intentionally or not) render improperly with this setting on.

Content Insider #111 - Cloud Computing
Netbooks, Cloud Computing - Work, Play Without Boundaries
Netbooks. They are the neat little items that fit comfortably between workhorse notebooks and small, convenient iPhone/Blackberry units. They've got it all--instant on, lightweight, no software updates, long battery life, little bitty solid state drives, cheap cost! Sounds great. Works-- less so!

Introduction to Internet Searching: Tour of Google
A brief history and tips on using
In this video training series, host Patrick Crispen explores the history of Google from its beginning as Backrub, which measured links back to Web pages. He talks about the history of Google since 1998 when it started as Google. Patrick talks about the huge amount of information that is in the Google database, its popularity, and how to search using the Google Search engine, including Google images, Google News, Google Groups, and Google Answers.

Refocused Management Thru The Downturn
Organizations are facing tough times to keep things moving in a positive direction. Management has a huge challenge to keep their firm afloat and profitable. It's an ideal time to take stock of the organization and its resources.

Google Templates Reveal the Real Strength of Google Docs
Templates make it easy to access documents and to also expose users to advanced features.
Google docs have grown from a "ho-hum" solution to a "OK" technology. Recently, Google introduced Templates to Google Docs. Templates are boilerplate solutions that you can use as a starting point. Google's Templates, however, reveal how powerful Google Docs really is.


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