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Date: 2008-08-13
Technology News:
Company News:
Building a Better FireFox
Why build solutions for FireFox?
FireFox 3.0 is out and comes crammed with a load of new features. But did you know that the Mozilla team who built FireFox also developed a technology called XUL that allows you to easily add third party software and extend the user interface? In this article you will be introduced to XUL and some of the solutions being developed with it allowing you to build a better FireFox.

Working with Google Gadgets
The next step is to make it easy to create Gadgets
Google has had Gadgets as part of its iGoogle home page for a couple of years. Now, however, there are two major things changing: 1) Gadgets are going socially aware and, 2) you can use Gadgets with data in your Google Spreadsheets.

Beyond PowerPoint
While PowerPoint is the grand daddy, Apple's Keynote and eRain's Standout do more
It is hard to imagine going into a presentation and not seeing a PowerPoint slide show. The problem with PowerPoint is that it has not really evolved much in the last 20 years. In this article you will learn about new approaches you can use for presentations that will take you beyond PowerPoint.

Flash and SEO: Like Oil and Water
The bottom line here is that a site built entirely in Flash still faces huge obstacles. While there have been recent moves from Google and Yahoo! to try to index the content from combined Flash/SEO sites, those moves have not yet, from my experience, translated into SEO results or success.

HTML 5 is coming, are you ready?
The Web experience will be more consistent between software platforms making the customer experience equally consistent
Back at the dawn of the Web it was common to have updates to the core HTML specification. Many early Web developers were introduced to HTML 3.2 as this was the standard for Netscape 3.0. In 1997 along came HTML 4.0 with the death of the FONT tag, and then. . . nothing. It is now 2008 and finally a new revision to the core HTML standard is being developed. It has been 11 years and HTML 5 comes with a boat load of improvements.


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