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Date: 2008-06-23
Technology News:
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Web Application Security: Don't Bolt It On; Build It In
How secure are your Web applications? Unless you conduct application vulnerability testing throughout the lifespan of your applications, there's no way for you to know about your web application security. That's not good news for your security or regulatory compliance efforts.

The Mobile Office
How the Web is changing the world of office applications
We are all strapped to Microsoft's Office. This is a problem if you are on the road with a loaned laptop that does not have Office installed. The solution is to use the online office solutions. In this article, you will find out what online productivity suites are out on the market, including Google Docs and Zoho.

Creating Web Forms from Google Spreadsheets
Do you ever have a need to create a simple Web form to collect data?
Do you ever have a need to create a simple Web form to collect data? Nothing special, maybe something that is capturing data you need from your department such as Bug/Issue Log, or a pop-quiz or even a simple "What should we do this weekend" list? All you want is something that is simple with a few options to choose from.

Targeting Niche Audiences " AOL's New Branding Strategy
AOL, once considered a pioneer in Internet technology, has fallen on hard times over the years, unable to devise an effective branding strategy. A failed merger with Time-Warner, a non-focus on search while Google built an empire (the AOL search engine eventually began serving up Google results on its portal site), and declining dial-up business are all contributing factors to the ongoing difficulties of AOL and its search engine.

Silkypix Developer Studio 3
Silkypix offers a high quality RAW converter with plenty of editing tools but how does is stack up to the competition?
You've heard the statement that no two snowflakes are alike? Well no two people, or in this case 'photographers' see a scene in exactly the same way nor do they edit their photos the same. Whether that is doing simple edits of color and brightness, or complex hour long sessions on one image, none of us would do it exactly the same way. So it is with RAW converters/editors.


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