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Date: 2008-06-04
Technology News:
Company News:
Targeting Niche Audiences " AOL's New Branding Strategy
AOL, once considered a pioneer in Internet technology, has fallen on hard times over the years, unable to devise an effective branding strategy. A failed merger with Time-Warner, a non-focus on search while Google built an empire (the AOL search engine eventually began serving up Google results on its portal site), and declining dial-up business are all contributing factors to the ongoing difficulties of AOL and its search engine.

Silkypix Developer Studio 3
Silkypix offers a high quality RAW converter with plenty of editing tools but how does is stack up to the competition?
You've heard the statement that no two snowflakes are alike? Well no two people, or in this case 'photographers' see a scene in exactly the same way nor do they edit their photos the same. Whether that is doing simple edits of color and brightness, or complex hour long sessions on one image, none of us would do it exactly the same way. So it is with RAW converters/editors.

Nikon D3 DSLR
Nikon steps up to the plate with its first full sized sensor camera
All of you photographers out there who are serious about your images better start saving up your pennies for Nikon's new DSLR, the D3. While all the previous digital SLR offerings from Nikon have been in the DX format (23.6 x 15.8mm sized sensor) many a photographer has been waiting patiently for Nikon to introduce a full frame digital camera. Nikon has finally done so with the D3 body and its FX format sensor.

Local Search Engine Optimization - Revisited
It's a good idea to make your regional presence known and consider the effects of local SEO
Roughly a year ago, local search engine optimization was all the rage--the new frontier in search engine marketing. For a while, it seemed that everyone was interested in the local search angle--even multi-national companies. However, for many companies selling products or services to the entire United States, or even globally, it seemed like a non-starter. Companies that counted on people looking for certain products or services that did not require close proximity to the company's location were unaffected.

The Principles of Web Site Security
It is important to know and keep up with the latest in Web security
Security is an important element of any web business. When you are examining your security, one of the first things you should ask yourself is: What are you protecting? What is your "crown jewel?" For a leading soft drink manufacturer, their crown jewel might be the recipe or the proportions of the key ingredients.


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