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Date: 2008-05-26
Technology News:
Company News:
The Principles of Web Site Security
It is important to know and keep up with the latest in Web security
Security is an important element of any web business. When you are examining your security, one of the first things you should ask yourself is: What are you protecting? What is your "crown jewel?" For a leading soft drink manufacturer, their crown jewel might be the recipe or the proportions of the key ingredients.

Is Corporate America Ready for the iPhone?
iPhone meets the Enterprise
Apple is a "change" company. Look at its track record: Mac II, iMac, iPod and now the iPhone. What has not changed, however, is the view of Apple as a company that delivers only consumer-based products. Apple simply is not perceived as an Enterprise company. Apple is working to change this perception. It is a slow process but something came along to change the pace: the iPhone software 2.0.

ITIL V3: A Set of Best Practices for Managing Your IT Services
ITIL V3 has emerged as a vital methodology for businesses looking to revamp their service processes
Looking for ways to enhance customer service and cut waiting times for responses, ITIL V3 has emerged as a vital methodology for businesses looking to revamp their service processes. Boasting great success overseas and two revisions later, the ITIL framework, or Information Technology Infrastructure Library, now has U.S. companies eyeing the methodology and learning what it can do for them.

Total Training for Microsoft WPF Essentials: Blend Brushes
The essentials of working with WPF to take full advantage of this powerful platform
In this clip, host Robby Ingebretsen goes into Blend and into the Design surface, he talks about brushes, and works with Blend's Brush editor.

Total Training for Microsoft WPF Essentials: IntelliSense
Expression Blend also covered in this series
In this clip, host Robby Ingebretsen discusses the IntelliSense tool, which makes class value recommendations as you are typing inside of a tag. He shows the spacebar function which drops down possible attributes and he selects the background and color for this particular exercise. He then runs the app to see how it turns out.


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