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Date: 2008-04-16
Technology News:
Company News:
Microsoft and Yahoo!, Search Engine Partners?
How Mergers and Acquisitions May Change the Search Engine Playing Field - and Where Google Comes In
Until recently, there were five major players in the search engine world: Google, MSN, AOL,, and the Yahoo! search engine. These top Internet search engines quickly could be narrowed down to four, however; AOL uses the Google algorithm and will yield nearly identical results. Further narrowing is rapidly occurring

How to Avoid Project Failure Through Project Planning and Effective Project Recovery
There you are, project manager of a brand new project, you have done your project planning and have started implementation. Now you are thinking about what you can tell your PMI colleagues at the next chapter meeting, creating a wondrous spreadsheet to avoid project failure and revolutionize project control, and learning how to use a new whiz-bang software package you have just bought, when BAM you are in trouble. A project wreck and you never saw it coming!

Perfectionist's PowerPoint Tip: How to E-mail Your PowerPoint Presentations to Others Perfectly
Never think so to email PowerPoint presentations as easy as "just attach it"
It's so easy and too easy to make mistakes. You may need to know more about multiple ways to email your PowerPoint presentations, in the right version to play, with background music or movies included, and without any hassles. Here's how.

PCI Compliance and Web Application Security
What You Need to Know for the Upcoming Policy Changes
If you are a merchant that processes credit cards, then you are probably already well aware of PCI compliance, but you may not be sure how web application security fits into the picture. You may also have heard that starting in June 2008, section 6.6 of the rules for PCI compliance will go from a "best practice" to a mandatory requirement (if not, it's time to pay attention!), but you might not know what this means for your business.

PPT2DVD - PPT to DVD with DVD menu enhanced
Acoolsoft PPT2DVD helps you burn PowerPoint to DVD
Burning PowerPoint to DVD is a good idea for preserving presentations or extending the use of PowerPoint. You can either burn PowerPoint files to DVD disc directly, or convert it to video or DVD and then burn them to DVD disc. Converting PPT to DVD is different from converting PPT to video. To know the benefits of converting PowerPoint presentation to DVD comparing with converting to video, the best way is to understand the DVD structure.


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