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Date: 2008-03-31
Technology News:
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PCI Compliance and Web Application Security
What You Need to Know for the Upcoming Policy Changes
If you are a merchant that processes credit cards, then you are probably already well aware of PCI compliance, but you may not be sure how web application security fits into the picture. You may also have heard that starting in June 2008, section 6.6 of the rules for PCI compliance will go from a "best practice" to a mandatory requirement (if not, it's time to pay attention!), but you might not know what this means for your business.

PPT2DVD - PPT to DVD with DVD menu enhanced
Acoolsoft PPT2DVD helps you burn PowerPoint to DVD
Burning PowerPoint to DVD is a good idea for preserving presentations or extending the use of PowerPoint. You can either burn PowerPoint files to DVD disc directly, or convert it to video or DVD and then burn them to DVD disc. Converting PPT to DVD is different from converting PPT to video. To know the benefits of converting PowerPoint presentation to DVD comparing with converting to video, the best way is to understand the DVD structure.

Embed PowerPoint slide show to Web page
Tips to embed PowerPoint presentation to Web page
Embed PowerPoint Slide Show into Your Web Pages (MySpace, GeoCities, Facebook, etc) Embed PowerPoint Slide Shows on Blog (Blogger/BlogSpot, WorldPress, etc) How to Email a Big Size PowerPoint Presentation How to Insert Your Flash Movie to Blog

Interview: Adobe's Director of AIR Product Management Ed Rowe
The future of Rich Internet Applications
Adobe has finally launched AIR, the new run time that allows web applications to run on your desktop. DMN contributor Matthew David met with Ed Rowe, Director of AIR Product Management and asked him some questions about AIR, Flex and the future of Rich Internet Applications.

SKYPE's hidden goodies
Make Emoticons visible
Have you used Skype? It's kinda like iChat, but it bridges the gap between Mac and PC a little more, and seems to have a much more international adoption than iChat. International language? Maybe emoticons. There are some fun hidden images too. Here's how you find them.


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