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Date: 2008-02-13
Technology News:
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Ruby on Rails Beyond the Basics: Hashes
Kevin also takes a look at Code Blocks
In this video, host Kevin Skoglund discusses Hashes. He goes on to make a simple hash that you can work with. Hash also has the ability to ask if it includes something, such as something called day, or has value. He then goes over Hash and how you can peek inside the hashes to process the hash or do more things with the hash.

Writer's Guild Strike Nears End
Members to vote on new three year contract
The three month Writer's Guild Strike, which brought Hollywood to a near halt, appears to be nearing a conclusion, with striking writers poised to be back to work on February 13. At a Sunday press conference, the Writer's Guild approved a 48-hour vote, along with a 10 day ratification vote for its members to formally vote on a three year contract (through May 1, 2011) with its nemesis for the past three months, the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

Ruby on Rails Beyond the Basics: Script Runner
In this video, host Kevin Skoglund discusses Script Runner and yow you can use it to run a script, which is the same as being abole to open up the Ruby Script console and use the execute command but the difference is that you can pre-program the script runner to execute at a predefined time.

Ruby on Rails Beyond the Basics: More Interactive Ruby
Host Kevin Skoglund also covers the Rails console
In this video, host Kevin Skoglund discusses more Interactive Ruby, or IRB, Kevin looks at some troubleshooting tips as well as how you can get more out of IRB. He shows some common sticking points and how to resolve them, how to process complex files with Ruby and how to load in complex files into IRB and work with them.

Ruby on Rails Beyond the Basics: Ruby Command Line
In this video, host Kevin Skoglund takes a look at how to interact with Ruby directly from the Ruby Command Line. He shows how to get into the command line, introduces "dash e," "puts," and "gets" commands. He does a simple array, and shows a join, in single lines. He also shows how to apply Ruby to a file.


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