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Date: 2008-02-04
Technology News:
Company News:
Ruby on Rails Beyond the Basics: Introdution to the Ruby Language
In this video, host Kevin Skoglund discusses what you can do with the Ruby language and explore more of what you can do with Rails, by building a project. He covers new techniques with Ruby on Rails. He stresses that each chapter in the tutorial will be a building block to garner a complete understanding of the framework with what you can do with Ruby on Rails.

Behavior-Based Internet Advertising
Who Is Watching You?
Have you ever been surfing the web and come upon Internet advertising that provides a direct solution for something that you've been researching lately? Did you think that it might be related to your computer cookies, or did you chalk it up to serendipity?

Your Risk Management Process - A Practical and Effective Approach
A good risk management process is critical in cutting down on surprises
Some experts have said that a strong risk management process can decrease problems on a project by as much as 80 or 90 percent. In combination with solid project management practices—having a well-defined scope, incorporating input from the appropriate stakeholders, following a good change management process, and keeping open the lines of communication—a good risk management process is critical in cutting down on surprises, or unexpected project risks.

Digital Archiving Circa 2008: Addressing Long-Term Data Storage and Preservation Requirements
The Digital Content Explosion: A Huge Business Problem in the Making
Exponential data growth and a seemingly unending list of corporate governance and regulatory requirements dictating longer data retention periods have organizations of all types and sizes re-thinking their strategies for digital archiving. Organizations that aren’t thinking along these lines expose themselves to potentially significant risk.

Has Microsoft Finally Seen the (Silver) Light?
What are Rich Internet Applications?
In response to the proliferation of other frameworks used to create rich Internet applications such as Flex from Adobe (formerly from Macromedia) and AJAX-based frameworks, Microsoft Silverlight was recently introduced. All three of these applications, as well as the others on the market, enable a web developer to create an interface on a web page that is much more robust than traditional HTML-based pages once were.


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