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Date: 2007-12-03
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CSS Web Site Design: Web developer toolbar
Excerpt from's training comes a session on CSS
CSS gives Web designers control over the appearance of their web sites by separating the visual presentation from the content. It lets them easily make minor changes to a site or perform a complete overhaul of the design. In CSS Web Site Design, instructor and leading industry expert Eric Meyer reviews the essentials of CSS, including selectors, the cascade, and inheritance.

What Every Search Engine Optimization Company Should Know about Keyphrase Choice
When you target your prospects while marketing on the Internet, the benefits will become clear very quickly
There are many keyphrase tools out there, but any quality search engine optimization company should know that they are in no way replacements for true market research. When one is embarking on a campaign of marketing on the Internet, it is important to select keyphrases that represent an understanding of one's audience. In this article, we'll discuss two crucial aspects of keyphrase research that your search engine optimization company should be taking into consideration: knowing the prospect and knowing the company.

How to Record the computer screen without camera
Make a video tutorial by recording the screen in minutes
"What's wrong with my computer/this tool?" This tutorial teaches you how to record your computer screen and mirror your operations without camera.

Aligning Your Business Processes with IT
Hitting the best-practices bull?s-eye
When an organizations business processes are aligned with its information technology (IT), things tend to run smoothly. When processes and IT are not aligned, an organization runs any number of risks, such as problems in tracking project or delivery status, budget overruns due to unforeseen technical obstacles, or inability to adapt readily to evolving business needs.

The Rich Presentation Technology War
Who will win, how long with the war rage and what is in it for you and me?
There is a new technology war: rich presentation technology. The incumbent is Adobe with Flash; the 800 lb gorilla is Microsoft with Silverlight and the dark horse is Sun with JavaFX. Who will win, how long with the war rage and what is in it for you and me?


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