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Date: 2007-10-29
Technology News:
Company News:
Content Insider #90 – Flash the Savior
Flash Memory…Nothing Less Than World Domination
Flash memory -- according to the chip manufacturers -- is saving the world. Will the wicked Ming HD crush Earth. Will Dale the delicate consumer be the first to be rescued. This is a story with sequels !

With new Centro Palm shows that not all shrinkage is bad
The Centro is Palm's way of fighting back, by making a Treo that's smaller, cuter and cheaper. It's just $99 with a two-year Sprint contract (after a mail-in rebate), making it probably the cheapest smart phone yet. It would have been more interesting if Palm fought back by revamping its outdated software, but if small and cheap are on sale, I'll take it.

Hanns G HG216D 22-inch LCD display
Inexpensive 22-inch LCD features HDMI Connectivity
With standard aspect ratio LCD displays relegated primarily to the sub $500 Wal Mart computer, 19 and even 22-inch wide screen models have been the normal upgrade path for those looking for wider display real estate. Hanns G is a Taiwan-based company that offers such displays in the value segment of the market. The company sent an HG216D in for us to take a look at, and for the price, it is a decent offering for those looking to upgrade from a 17-inch standard aspect ratio LCD.

Does Your Search Engine Optimization Company Understand Your Marketing Strategy?
So you have decided to hire a search engine optimization company as a part of your overall marketing strategy. The firm that you choose will have a tremendous impact on the success of your campaign, but you knew that already. However, what are your evaluation criteria? For too many companies, the answer is plain, simple, and singular: rankings.

Wireless USB hubs show promise but don`t go far enough to solve computer cable clutter
The back of a computer tends to be a messy, messy place, with cables snaking like an overturned bowl of spaghetti. Now, the first fruits of an industry push to cut that tangle have hit the market, and while they won't be much of an immediate help, the underlying wireless technology does show some promise.


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