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Date: 2007-10-15
Technology News:
Company News:
Does Your Search Engine Optimization Company Understand Your Marketing Strategy?
So you have decided to hire a search engine optimization company as a part of your overall marketing strategy. The firm that you choose will have a tremendous impact on the success of your campaign, but you knew that already. However, what are your evaluation criteria? For too many companies, the answer is plain, simple, and singular: rankings.

Wireless USB hubs show promise but don`t go far enough to solve computer cable clutter

The back of a computer tends to be a messy, messy place, with cables snaking like an overturned bowl of spaghetti. Now, the first fruits of an industry push to cut that tangle have hit the market, and while they won't be much of an immediate help, the underlying wireless technology does show some promise.

The Importance of Information Technology Training from a Management Perspective
Information technology training for IT managers and systems analysts may seem superfluous - these folks are usually well-learned in their areas of expertise. But, do they understand how a company's technology fits into the bigger picture from a business perspective? That's where management training becomes important.

Re-Thinking the Browser: Review of Flock
Preview of a next generation Web media browser
Everyone thought the browser wars were over when Netscape went the veritable way of the dodo and Internet Explorer, contentiously embedded in the ubiquitous Microsoft OS, became the defacto winner. But it seems peacetime celebrations were premature and the past years have seen a plethora of browsers spring up eager to steal some of IE's share by capitalizing on IE's numerous short-comings and inadequacies.

MojoPac mobilizes PC software and files, but your mileage may vary

When you have programs and files on one computer and need them on another, you can do a lot of copying and pray they work on the second PC. Or you could connect the machines via remote desktop software. You could even spring for a laptop.


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