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Date: 2007-07-23
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Effective Controls for Attaining Continuous Application Security Throughout the Web Application Development Life Cycle
Given the choice, every organization would want secure Web sites and applications from the Web application development phase all the way through the software development life cycle. But why is that such a challenge to attain? The answer is in the processes (or lack thereof) that they have in place.

Embed PowerPoint Slideshows Into Your Web pages
Love it or hate it, PowerPoint is here to stay. Long before schmoozing of forums and publishing of blogs, people have been investing large amounts of time and talents in creating PowerPoint slide shows. Occasionally, we all have something important or interesting enough to want to share with the world. This guide will help you develop and share your masterpiece with others online.

ILOG Diagrammer for .NET
ILOG Diagrammer can be easily deployed to WinForms or ASP.NET
As your organization becomes larger and more complex, it becomes more clear that you need to leverage tools that can help you monitor and view your networks, infrastructure and processes. ILOG is a specialist in diagram solution tools. A diagram tool allows you to visually look into your applications and workflows.

Vendor Management and Outsourcing: Practices for effectively managing vendor relationships
Managing troubled vendors should the situation arise
In their new book, The Executive’s Guide to Information Technology, 2nd edition (John Wiley and Sons), authors John Baschab and Jon Piot offer practical advice and a theoretical framework for managing IT departments in organizations of any size.

Vendor Management and Outsourcing
Practical advice and a theoretical framework for managing IT departments
Getting off to a positive start with new vendors is critical to the success of projects and to the overall productivity of the IT department. Put processes in place to ensure that the organization is ready to work with the vendor on the agreed to install/start date. One process we have seen work well is a “readiness” check performed by the vendor manager. The “readiness” checklist is performed one week prior to the vendor coming onsite and is signed-off by all involved internal parties.


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