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Date: 2007-07-11
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Vendor Management and Outsourcing
Practical advice and a theoretical framework for managing IT departments
Getting off to a positive start with new vendors is critical to the success of projects and to the overall productivity of the IT department. Put processes in place to ensure that the organization is ready to work with the vendor on the agreed to install/start date. One process we have seen work well is a “readiness” check performed by the vendor manager. The “readiness” checklist is performed one week prior to the vendor coming onsite and is signed-off by all involved internal parties.

Implementing Effective Vulnerability Remediation Strategies Within the Web Application Development Lifecycle
Once you've completed a security assessment as a part of your web application development, it's time to go down the path of remediating all of the security problems you uncovered. At this point, your developers, quality assurance testers, auditors, and your security managers should all be collaborating closely to incorporate security into the current processes of your software development lifecycle in order to eliminate application vulnerabilities.

Web Application Vulnerability Assessment Essentials: Your First Step to a Highly Secure Web Site
This article provides an overview of what you need to know to perform a vulnerability assessment
If an organization isn't taking a systematic and proactive approach to web security, and to running a web application vulnerability assessment in particular, then that organization isn't defended against the most rapidly increasing class of attacks. Web-based attacks can lead to lost revenue, the theft of customers' personally identifiable financial information, and falling out of regulatory compliance with a multitude of government and industry mandates: the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) for merchants, HIPAA for health care organizations, or Sarbanes-Oxley for publicly traded companies.

Presto e-mail service for people without computers is well conceived
By offering technology that allows people without computers to read e-mail, Presto Services Inc. took on a bold challenge. Yet Presto and its Internet-connected printer that spits out the e-mails are remarkably well conceived.

Vendor Management and Outsourcing: Practices for effectively managing vendor relationships
Practical advice and a theoretical framework for managing IT departments
Almost without exception, IT departments are highly reliant on a wide variety of vendors. Outside vendors provide the hardware, system software, application systems, networks, and peripherals that power most of the IT functions. Because IT managers get little training in managing outside partners, including measuring service levels, selecting service providers, and negotiating pricing and terms, many IT departments fall short in vendor management.


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