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Date: 2007-03-12
Technology News:
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Deconstructing Execution: How do you know done is done?
During the execution of a piece of work, each worker will have a different understanding of what done means to him or her. In this article I will address the question of “when does done really mean ‘done’?”

Interpreting Results of a Vulnerability Assessment: How to Focus on What’s Important in Your Web Application Security Testing
As with many business analysis issues, there are three sides to the story when looking at Web application security testing: yours, the findings of your vulnerability assessment, and the truth. Whether you use a commercial or open source scanner, you’re going to glean a lot of information and come across vulnerabilities. The problem is that many of these Web application security holes aren’t as big a deal as they seem. Regardless of any marketing fluff or security policies and reports, your organization’s network, business needs, and risk tolerance dictate what really matters when it comes to sorting through the results.

Data Compression Basics - Part 2
Lossy Compression
This is the second in a series of three articles about compression techniques, with particular focus on media (stills, audio and video). It does not require any special knowledge of information theory, mathematics or programming. This part describes lossy compression techniques used for audio and stills, including prediction, approximation, transform functions, selective downsampling and quantization. It also covers some concepts of perceptual (psychovisual and psychoacoustic) compression models.

BlueTie Free
Collaborative, Web-based email, calendaring, organizing software
With the Internet becoming a ubiquitous in most small office Home Office establishments, more users are turning to the Internet as a tool for their daily tasks thanks to applications that run in a Web browser. What was previously the domain of dedicated software that had to be installed on individual computers has fast been pushed aside for Web based tools for individuals as well as in collaborative environments.

IBM IntelliStation ZPro 3GHz dual quad workstation
Creative content machine with expandability
Workstation manufacturers have come and gone over the last decade, but one company has continued to build and offer solid systems since, well since the advent of the "IBM-Compatible" personal computer. That company is none other than IBM, the inventor of the PC. With the company's IntelliStation line entering its second decade this year, the family of workstation class computers has forged on with creative workstations as others fell by the wayside or were gobbled up by larger competitors.


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