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Date: 2007-02-19
Technology News:
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Data Compression Basics - Part 1
Lossless Compression
This is the first of a series of three articles about data compression, with particular focus on media (graphics, photography, audio and video). It describes the main techniques used by modern compressors in an accessible language and with practical everyday examples. Part 1 describes the basic concepts behind lossless compression algorithms like RLE and LZW, used by file formats such as ZIP, TGA, GIF and PNG.

BlackBerry redesign e-mails it in, borrowing trackball and looks from Pearl
The maker of BlackBerry e-mail phones has managed to reinvent its wheel repeatedly, churning out surprising new models and innovative redesigns that have repeatedly left rivals in the dust. But it's not so easy to wow the masses with every product launch, and the latest BlackBerry reveals a little design fatigue at Research in Motion Ltd.

Asking the Right Question: Penetration Testing vs. Vulnerability Analysis Tools, Which Is Best?
Over the past several years I have heard people asking the question “should I use vulnerability analysis tools to assess my web based applications or should I look to penetration testing?” I think we, as an industry, may be asking the wrong question. Let's look at how the web application industry has grown over the years and how penetration testing has scaled to meet that challenge.

Extreme Project Management – the engaged CEO
The days when CEO’s spend afternoons golfing and winning big contracts may be limited. Today, a CEO must lead project management and be engaged continuously with project leaders to ensure work is completed. In this article, you will learn why this is necessary.

New `Ribbon` interface makes Office 2007 facelift more than skin deep
With each update to its Office suite, Microsoft Corp. has piled on features aimed at boosting users' productivity and spurring sales of the world's most widely used collection of programs for handling documents, spreadsheets, e-mail and presentations.


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