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Date: 2006-10-23
Technology News:
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Malicious Code Injection
It?s Not Just for SQL Anymore
More and more, developers are becoming aware of the threats posed by malicious code, and SQL injection in particular, and by leaving code vulnerable to such attacks. However, while SQL is the most popular type of code injection attack, there are several others that can be just as dangerous to your applications and your data, including LDAP injection and XPath injection. While these may not be as well-known to developers, they are already in the hands of hackers, and they should be of concern.

Does Microsoft Office 2007 Matter?
Competition comes knocking
For the last 15 years there has been a stable of tools IT professionals can rely on: Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Along the way new tools have been added, such as Microsoft Project and Visio to the Microsoft Office suite During this time corporations and individuals have forked over billions of dollars in licensing to Microsoft to run these tools. But, the one constant in the world change is knocking at Microsofts door with a little message from Google.

Apple offers good value in video iPods and especially tiny Nanos

Fans of Apple Computer Inc.'s portable music players will find the new, video-capable models of the iPod and its miniature counterpart, the Nano, clearly worth the wait.

Content Insider #68
Web 2.0 ? Thunder?Lightning?Rain
Web 2.0 -- the next great thing -- is all the rage among teens and tweens...oh yes and VCs & M&A folks. Is it the place you have to be? Is it the place you want to be? Or put another there any money in it for you ?

Google`s Writely mostly hits the mark, but it`s no Word killer

As a reporter, I'm never sure when the muse will strike or an editor will call. That's why I send copious notes and drafts of stories to myself by e-mail. As long as I'm within range of a computer with an Internet connection, I know I'll be able to tweak the latest version or do a quick fact check.


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