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Date: 2006-10-18
Technology News:
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Content Insider #68
Web 2.0 ? Thunder?Lightning?Rain
Web 2.0 -- the next great thing -- is all the rage among teens and tweens...oh yes and VCs & M&A folks. Is it the place you have to be? Is it the place you want to be? Or put another there any money in it for you ?

Google`s Writely mostly hits the mark, but it`s no Word killer

As a reporter, I'm never sure when the muse will strike or an editor will call. That's why I send copious notes and drafts of stories to myself by e-mail. As long as I'm within range of a computer with an Internet connection, I know I'll be able to tweak the latest version or do a quick fact check.

Testing for Security in the Age of Ajax Programming
Ajax programming is one of the most exciting new technologies in recent history. Ajax (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) allows a web page to refresh a small portion of its data from a web server, rather than being forced to reload and redraw the entire page as in traditional web programming. However with great power comes great responsibility. Web applications have become prime targets for malicious users and hackers performing SQL injection and similar attacks.

Kanguru Bio Drive
USB Flash drive with biometric security
With lost or stolen USB Flash drives and notebook computers carrying sensitive data making headlines with regularity, it causes one to question why government and businesses don't change their ways when it comes to data security. U.S. Military issued USB flash drives, many with sensitive data were sold on the open market in Afghanistan.

Sony`s Reader uses e-ink for e-books
The Sony Reader is a handsome affair the size of a paperback book, but only a third of an inch thick.
Books have been a bit of the orphan in the digital world. Music has the iPod. Video has YouTube. Books have, well,, where you can buy them printed on paper.


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