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Date: 2006-08-16
Technology News:
Company News:
Would You Fire This Person?
Should Claire be shown the door? Compare your response to other IT professionals'.
No one likes to show an employee the door, and few of us (thankfully) have reason to acquire the skill to fire someone gracefully and fairly. This article describes a Problem Employee and explores how several dozen IT managers — and workers — would deal with the situation. See if you'd make the same choices.

Samsung Writemaster SH S182D
Blazing specs but where is the media?
The Writemaster SH S182D is a triple-format EIDE/ATAPI drive that supports DVD-RAM recording as well as the more popular DVD+RW and DVD-RW recording formats. The drive, the latest in Samsung's line of internal optical media storage solutions, is targeted at IT professionals and businesses that perform backup tasks on daily or weekly schedules and need multiple DVD recording format support, as well as home users who need to backup the huge amounts of data being generated by today's latest digital media devices.

Preview: Microsoft Windows Vista
Vista Beta 2 is more stable, but what will ultimately ship?
Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system is several months away, delayed and delayed again. Barring any more delays, the operating system should be set to ship to consumers by January 2007. The application will come in several versions, Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Enterprise, and Windows Vista Home Basic.

Backing Up Online — For Pennies
Mozy provides affordable offline backup services
Mozy is an offline backup service, currently in beta, that lets Windows users backup their computers painlessly. Well, almost painlessly. But it sure is inexpensive.

Convince Safari to Download PDFs
A quick tip: how to download the file instead of viewing it
Older versions of the Mac browser gave you a choice of viewing a PDF or saving it to the Mac's hard drive. With its various updates, that's no longer Safari's default behavior. We'll show you how to get Safari to do what you want.


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