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Date: 2006-07-17
Technology News:
Company News:
Beyond Stored Procedures: Defense-in-Depth Against SQL Injection
Preventing SQL injections is just the start
Using stored procedures is a great first step for developing secure code, but it is not sufficient as the only step. You need to adopt a defense-in-depth strategy.

DiskStream Media Management System: Part 4
Making the jump from tape to digital with metadata intact
Disk Stream is set to release the first version of its lower-cost media management system, aimed at smaller-market television stations, at the end of this summer (2006). In part four of this four-part interview, Digital Media Net's Charlie White asked Mark Sangster, Marketing Manager of DiskStream about the importance of metadata, and the difficulty some television stations might have in moving the information on all their physical tapes over to a digital format with metadata intact.

ZsDuplicateHunter Finds Dupe Files and Zaps 'Em
This software utility finds duplicate files, that's all. But it does it well.
First Look: How many copies of the same file are cluttering up your company's hard disk? ZsDuplicateHunter helps you identify them and clean 'em up, even across network drives.

The RFID Chapter in the Paranoia Handbook
Are RFID chips a serious privacy threat, or are the concerns overblown?
Nervous about RFID? Afraid 2006 might be the new 1984? Some say that security measures for RFID tags in governmental and commercial use will absolutely secure our privacy, while others say these "spy chips" could be tracking our spending and travel patterns and sending data to government, retailers, and potential thieves. Who's right? Your nervous narrator digs for the answers.

Finding Yourself: Add Maps to Your Apps
Give your Web sites a sense of place. Their place.
Once, maps on Web sites were static things that helped visitors find the location of your office. Today, "push-pin" functionality can show where users are, and can help your site develop a community.


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