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Date: 2006-07-05
Technology News:
Company News:
Secure "Mobile Data At Rest" — Before It Leaves the Office
Avoid Those "Oh, ****!" Moments When You Lose A Device Or Disk
If your employee loses a laptop or other mobile device on the road, how much corporate data is at risk? We explain several ways to secure the data so that, even if the hardware is compromised, your enterprise databases are safe.

Surviving Two Disk Failures
Introducing Various “RAID 6” Implementations
The following white paper discusses the reasons why RAID 6 has become more interesting to implement in Storage controllers in recent years. This is in part due to the adoption of high capacity (SATA) disk drives and has meant that the likelihood of failure during a rebuild operation has become likely.

iQstor Networks, Inc.
A New Paradigm: Digital Broadcasting, Video Streaming and Rich Media
Digital Broadcasting or Tape-Based Broadcasting Digital television is a relatively new technology for transmitting and receiving broadcast television signals. It delivers better sound and pictures, uses the broadcast spectrum more efficiently, and adds versatility to a range of applications.

DiskStream Media Management System: Part 2
Nuts and bolts of the system
DiskStream is set to release the first version of its media management system, IT-based storage and metadata archiving aimed at smaller-market television stations, at the end of this summer (2006). In part two of this three-part interview, Digital Media Net's Charlie White asked Mark Sangster, Marketing Manager of DiskStream to tell us more about the system and give us some examples of how it's used.

Vonage makes it easier to take Internet phone anywhere
It's a top feature of Internet phone service that few bother with: the ability to use it anywhere, making and taking calls from the same number at the same low price, even if you're halfway around the world.


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