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Date: 2006-06-12
Technology News:
Company News:
China Walks Out Of Meeting To Resolve Dispute Over World Wireless Encryption Standard
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) says China isn`t playing by the established rules
An international dispute over a wireless computing standard took a bitter turn this past week with the Chinese delegation walking out of a global meeting to discuss the technology.

ISPs Evolve And Diversify To Stay Relevant
Even the National ISPs Are Struggling As More Americans Abandon Dial-Up
When Bruce Chatterley assumed the helm of Speakeasy, he wrote "ISP" on a white board and immediately drew a slash across it to emphasize at staff meetings that the company was no longer just an Internet service provider.

Spreadsheet inventor updates the concept for collaborative Web

A lot of people are eager to see Dan Bricklin's latest product. It's a new piece of software, which means there are features to program and bugs to work out. This isn't an easy task, especially when you work alone, as he does.

Motorola`s `BlackBerry killer`
Motorola`s latest phone, out this week, shares its name with the iconic gadget guru of the James Bond movies: Q.
Motorola's latest phone, out this week, shares its name with the iconic gadget guru of the James Bond movies: Q.

Finding Your Code Stash
Developers have plenty of resources for locating source code.
Software developers increasingly rely on open source code, both for writing in-house applications and to contribute to public projects. Several sites have begun to specialize in helping you find where the right code lurks.


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