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Date: 2006-05-10
Technology News:
Company News:
Make Your Point
Tips for Getting Your Way in a Meeting or Presentation
Technical people and IT managers are often more comfortable working with technology than they are talking about it. Learn a few successful techniques for communicating the message you had in mind.

So What Else Can Your Mouse Do?
Speak slowly into the mouse.
Instead of buying a bigger laptop bag, consider getting a mouse that does more than click and scroll. Your mouse can answer the phone -- and that's just the start.

The Electronic Common Technical Document
Learn how XML is put to use in one part of the medical field, and how it's saving companies time and money.
In the pharmaceutical industry, the XML-based electronic common technical documents, or eCTD, has been under development for several years. It's now starting to see widespread use.

A Web of Merchandise: Teeny Tiny Pieces Loosely Joined
Sensor networks are swiftly evolving, says experts at the Interop conference.
RFID, Zigbee, and mesh networks are beginning to interoperate with enterprise networks, enabling more powerful supply chain management. Expect a huge explosion as this technology takes off. But this technology has a lot of questions to answer before that happens.

The Non-Techie Manager's Introduction to AJAX
An explanation for people who don't know or care about programming.
Your programming staff and web developers have a whole new set of buzzwords, and they want you to approve a budget for a whole new site overhaul. What are they talking about?!


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