Mohammed Shakaoat’s Journey to Success

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 16, 2020 / With the desire to transition out of the 9-5 ongoing cycle, Mohammed Shakaoat set out to discover a passion within an entrepreneurial venture. Entrepreneurship begins with envisioning a pathway to achieve success that will not only yield financial freedom, but help the lives of others around them. Born in Bangladesh, moving to Dubai, then immigrating to Florida enabled a widely diversified character to develop by the age of twelve. By the age of 28, Mohammed managed to build an empire that would deem him a self-made millionaire.

Creating numerous successful businesses to contribute to Mohammed’s portfolio required a thorough investment of time, patience, and diligence which he had learned to embrace from a young age. Learning multiple languages growing up including Bengali, Arabic, and English brought about a drive to embrace his cultural diversity. Immigrating to the United States was certainly difficult, yet Mohammed transformed the discomfort to understand and adjust to the new lifestyle. From selling candy bars in school to running multiple organizations, Mohammed Shakaoat has managed to become a self-made success.

Mohammed attended Florida International University pursuing a degree in criminal justice where he later became a police officer. Learning that was not the career path best fit the dreams he had envisioned, he decided to pave the path throughout the entrepreneurial field. Mohammed came to realize that to learn, grow, and connect with others is the heart of an entrepreneur, not one focused on money. Venturing into teaching others of the potential within the ATM business, Amazon dropshipping, investments, and now most famously, Project Wifi, Mohammed Shakaoat has truly ventured into all areas of the business world.

In 2019, Mohammed moved to Los Angeles where he would meet his future business partners, Andy Vonde, Paul Parker, and Marcello Cantu. With the dedicated support of his partners, Project Wifi was founded. The business is an Amazon Automation Management service for dropshipping stores. Stemming from extremely different points within life, each of their diverse viewpoints contributed to the high level of success Project Wifi has come to be.

Though numerous businesses have encountered varied struggles during the COVID-19 pandemic, Project Wifi continued to skyrocket. To further improve their systems and expand their market, the team moved to Las Vegas where they have developed two courses to instruct others how to follow in their footsteps to achieve success. Mohammed Shakaoat truly embodies the meaning of entrepreneurship through his desire to teach others the value in pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams. Each adversity he had faced has built a persistent and dedicated work ethic which has led him to chase the success he had been seeking. Each individual’s journey to achieve their dreams is unique and Mohammed Shakaoat recognizes that one should never give up on discovering the passion that drives their motivation. From grade school to his adulthood career path, Mohammed portrays the importance in working tirelessly through venturing in different areas within business.


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