Financial Strategist Nora Gay Brings Generational Wealth to Clients’ Fingertips

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 19, 2020 / If there is one fact that the pandemic highlighted and reminded people of, it’s that the world is truly unpredictable. As financial strategist Nora Gay stressed, people should always prepare for various situations, as surprising as life can be.

After witnessing how one of her closest friends went through the tragedy of losing her husband to found out that she and her child were only to inherit one property out of 15, Nora realized she had to step in. From then on, she has utilized and maximized data and insight to help her clients create and maintain generational wealth. Nora’s expertise has served both families and businesses.

Nora has made it her mission to raise awareness of the importance of financial planning and building generational wealth for the future. Her process involves tackling areas of sensible planning and self-discipline that guarantees her clients amass serious wealth, no matter life’s many uncertainties. Before she started serving clients with her unparalleled strategies, Nora built an MFS platform on blockchain technology. It catered to individuals in the Caribbean who needed access for funding.

Following her success, Nora built a market research firm, co-founded with her former classmate and Harvard Alumna. The duo helped countless startup businesses and medium enterprises by establishing their positioning through customer insight.

With her former clients’ immense success, Nora has released a book Get Minted! The book is filled with both humor and wisdom. It is a fresh take on guiding readers, particularly millennials, on growing, scaling, and building massive generational wealth.

“COVID-19 forced people around the world to reconsider their way of life seriously,” said Nora. The book’s release is very timely, considering that many people today suffer from unstable finances because of the pandemic. Nora noticed that even those individuals who have financial or investment advisors felt the economic circumstances, proving that the book will surely be useful for everyone.

Get Minted! has gained readers’ attention and received praise across the country. Nora proudly shares a glimpse of how readers can achieve immense financial success.

“In today’s volatile economy, self-discipline and sensible financial planning are more crucial than ever. It is no longer possible or even desirable to build wealth solely on a paycheck as you move up some corporate ladder. Instead, today’s sound decision-makers are anticipating the certainty of uncertainties in life and their finances. In Get Minted!, Nora Gay shows how the strategies that help the world’s wealthiest individuals flourish can be adapted and applied to everyone.

By challenging assumptions, pinpointing one’s unique economic value, and identifying weaknesses in established personal financial plans, anyone can achieve financial success and prosperity,” as the back cover reads. This is a short preview attesting to Nora’s knowledge and expertise.

As a millennial financial expert herself, Nora has adequate knowledge of the needs of her generation. She speaks the language of young professionals and individuals today. Nora knows the extremes of how aspects of human life, such as mental health, can affect her generation when making financial decisions. And so, her book Get Minted! aims to amplify and give light to various issues that may stand in their way to achieve financial freedom.

Get Minted! contains crucial knowledge and tips that can lead its readers to success. The book will truly make people realize that no matter their age, where their finances are, or what industry they belong in, they can obtain a life geared towards building generational wealth.

Learn more about Nora Gay on LinkedIn or check out Get Minted!.

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